No matter what type of business you have, it’s so important that you use the art of language to sell products and make yourself a decent profit as a result. Persuasive writing is very effective and will make all the difference between a company that does well, and one that fails. Carry on reading to discover more about why persuasive writing is so important and exactly how to do it.

Writing in a persuasive way will make your customers feel like it is a good idea to buy your product, without them actually knowing you’ve planted the seed in their head. You should keep in mind that persuasive writing and a sales pitch are completely different. When you write with a “salesy” tone to your words, it’s very obvious what you are trying to do. Persuasive writing is a lot more subtle but gives an even better outcome.

It’s so important to write this way, simply because it’s going to get you more customers and make you more money. You can hire a professional to write persuasively for your brand or you can learn how to do it yourself. Once you know what you are doing, it’s a lot easier than what you might think. If you do decide to write persuasively yourself, carry on reading to learn exactly how to do it.


Persuasive writing tips and tricks


  1. Repeat yourself


It’s going to be difficult to get a person to believe your claims about a product, if they don’t understand what you are saying or they simply forget it. If you mention something once at the beginning of a paragraph, it might be completely forgotten by the time the customer has finished reading what else you have to say! Repeat something a few times (worded differently of course,) and it’s going to get into the customers head. Use your words in several different ways to illustrate your point. This could include stating it as fact, mentioning it in a story and in a customers review.


  1. Solve a problemĀ 


Your customer is reading what you have to say right now because they have a problem that they are looking to solve. You need to show that the product is question solves their needs but don’t do that right away. Instead of making it seem like you are just trying to sell the product, you need to sympathise with their situation. Identify that you understand what they are going through, you should do this way before you even mention the product as being a possible answer. The main point in this is showing empathy and you can do that by claiming to have had the same problem in the past.


  1. Give proof


Anyone in the world can say something good about a product but that does not necessarily mean that it is true. This is exactly what your customers are going to think, so it’s up you to show them otherwise by giving proof of authenticity. Some things that you can include to give proof include reviews from customers who have purchased the item. Testimonials is not the only way you can unlock the belief in a customers mind however. You can also do this by telling a story and showing that the item worked for you. Give proof in other ways by name dropping influential people and just having that confidence in what you are saying. Show confidence and your words will literally jump out of the screen and make it hard to resist.


  1. Show personality


It’s important that your customers see you as a person, rather than just somebody trying to sell them a product. This is why it’s so vital to show personality in the way that you write and how you come across to others. You could do this by showing a sense of humour or just giving your words a little more character rather than writing in a robotic way. It’s always a good idea to start your writing with a short story, this does not even need to be about the product necessarily. Showing personality is going to make you relatable to your readers.


  1. Use comparisons


It’s so important to use plenty of adjectives when selling products. You should also include similes and metaphors, which will help your readers see you as relatable. You also need to subtly compare your product to others on the market, illustrating why yours is the best. What makes you different? What makes you stand out from the crowd? When you know your USP, you can compare yourself to other similar brands that may be out there. Whether it be your design that is better, your price, the quality or something else entirely – once your customers know what make it better, they are going to find it difficult to say no.


  1. Stay consistent


No matter how many times you describe your product, make sure that you stay consistent in your claims and in however many ways you have to word it. Inconsistency stinks of not being reliable and this is not the vibe that you want to give off. Being consistent is a valued trait in all areas of life, it shows that something is trustworthy and it’s also highly associated with integrity. Another way that you can be consistent in your writing is by making a point that is almost impossible to disagree with. You can then relate this point back to something that you was talking about earlier, in regards to the product that you are trying to promote.




You are guaranteed to see your brand go from strength to strength once you write in a persuasive manner. Whether you are writing product descriptions, reviews on your blog or something else entirely – it’s vital that you use every single word to your advantage. Your words can do so much and when a person can not see you physically, this is all you have. Practice writing persuasively using the mentioned tips and in no time at all, you are going to see a positive difference in regards to what your business is achieving.