The Thank You Page To Nowhere..


So at some point or another, you may have created a thank you page in your sales funnel, which leads to absolutely nowhere. Sound familiar? (if you’re not even sure what  a thank page is then look here)

Well its often the case with most thank you pages in sales funnels, so don’t beat yourself up about it. If someone else created it, don’t beat them up either!

Thank you pages can be more than just a little note thanking your audience for their purchase, or signing up for your lead magnet. They can be a little portal into your ideal customers mind. You can use them to know exactly what they were thinking when they purchased your product and using that information, you can refine your marketing messages across all of your channels.

So how exactly can we achieve this? Simple, we ask them a question!

In this post I am going to cover exactly how you can carry out vital market research without spending a tonne of time looking for people to survey, and without spending a tonne of money doing it too. So without further ado, lets get into it!


Re-vamping your thank you pages


I want you to bring up one of your thank you pages now and take a look at it, what do you see? I’d put money on the fact that it is probably leading your customers into the abyss. Not only that it’s a massive waste of a key point in your customers journey, they’ve just said YES to you! Now regardless of whether they’ve brought from you or just signed up for information, they have nodded their head and said “yes I need this”. 

Straight after this action is referred to in the copywriting world as the point of seduction, as this is the best time to ask more of your potential/current customer. A lot of marketers take advantage of this by up-selling more products, which is absolutely fine if you’re goal is to maximise revenue within your funnel. But here I am suggesting a different route, a route that will let you enter your customers brain and really find out what they are thinking. Now you can really start to position your marketing message more effectively.


Using Typeform To Gather Responses


Now there are an absolute boat load of different apps and software that you can use to gather responses like these, but in this case I am going to suggest to you a piece of software called Typeform. You can have a look at it here (FYI, this isn’t an affiliate link, I get nothing out of you signing up!).

Typeform allows you to capture responses from people in various different ways and use it as market research. Today I am suggesting you keep things simple. You can upgrade to get more functionality, but for me it has never been needed, it may be different for you but it’s pretty cheap in any case. Within Typeform it gives you various choices on how to start gathering responses, in this particular case we’re only interested in embedding the question into the thank you page. Now there are loads of resources in Typeform that will help you with this so i’m not going into detail, but it’s pretty easy I promise you.

Embedding it into your funnel provider will also be unique to you, so it will be different depending on whether you are using an autoresponder to do it, or any of the funnel builders like Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Unbounce etc. Again, there will be instructions on how you can do this, or simply take out a support ticket!


The Question


So now we come down to the nitty gritty.. What exactly should we ask our audience?

I am going to suggest that you use the following question, which has worked great for my copywriting business and the same format could work wonders for you too.

Headline: (this come before the question) “While your waiting for you ‘re product to arrive, could we/I ask you a quick question?”

This can be tweaked to suit your companies needs, IE the product/lead magnet your using, but you can use it as a simple template.

Question: “What specifically motivated and led you to purchasing our product today?

Really quick and simple, straight to the point as well. Now because of the point of seduction rule, you should find some pretty good response rates with this. Within Typeform there are a lot of different templates you could use, but I want you to stick to the basic template and use the long answer box, so you can give them plenty of space to answer in detail (we love juicy details!).


Wrapping Up


So there’s a really simple, non intrusive way of surveying your ideal clients. You can gather information from those who are actively in need of your product/service and really get into the details of why they are pulling their credit card out to buy from you. Once you’ve got these details, it get’s easier and easier to refine your message to enter the conversation in your customers heads.