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If you’re a private practice physiotherapist, you might wanna pay attention…

If you’re a private practice physiotherapist, and you’re tired of dealing with low value, time wasting, soul-sucking patients, who either make your life a living hell, whinging and moaning because they aren’t getting results, simply because they don’t listen, or just don’t show up altogether…

Then you’re in the right place…

Because the quality of the patients you treat is entirely your choice – you attract them into your practice, you work with them, and then complain instead of setting them straight from the get-go.

Unfortunately, this is entirely your fault.

Each patient you’ve dealt with has been attracted by your pricing and positioning.

Each patient you’ve taken on you’ve invited to do business with you by choice.

Each patient that treats you like a doormat, do so because you’re letting them, and by the same token you’re condoning it.

There’s no exception to the rule here.

I realise this is a sobering and not so pleasant truth to swallow, but nonetheless, it IS the truth whether you like it or not.

And unfortunately, NOTHING will change unless YOU do.

Here’s the thing, most physiotherapists like yourself will go into the industry actively copying others around them.

The problem is they’re just copying other physiotherapists who’re charging minuscule prices, attracting non-compliant, pain in the arse patients, and in the very BEST possible scenario, they’re attracting enough patients to earn make ends meet, but in doing so they’re spending their entire days in clinic, instead of doing things they love, with the people they care about.

I know this to be true, why? Because I used to be on that never-ending hamster wheel, and




But hey, that’s how the industry works right? Who are you to charge premium prices? Who are you to only work with the cream of the crop and work less hours in the process?

True enough.

Unless you do something to change it.

And that’s exactly what I’m all about – change.

The change required to attract ONLY the best, high-fee paying patients who desperately need your help, and are willing to listen to your every word to ensure they get results.

On top of that, they’re GRATEFUL to have paid you a premium price to help them.

Now there are two ways you can do this.

  1. You can stumble around like a pisshead in the dark fumbling for the light switch, trying to work it all out yourself.

  1. Or you can join me in my 3 essential transformations training, where I share with you the simple way to do it (notice I said simple, not easy, cos quite frankly, it ain’t easy, and it takes a lot of character and a strong attitude on your part)
Joe Searle

Joe Searle

Physio Clinic Growth Expert

Want better patients? Ones who’ll be compliant and listen to your every word?

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